When the very best IT candidates are needed...

We find you the right people with the right qualifications. Whether your firm is seeking contract, contract-for-hire or permanent placement, we can help you succeed.

The Right Person

Need solutions to optimize your computing environment? ECOM matches exceptional IT professionals with your technical requirements.

The Right Support

Does your IT work flow fluctuate? ECOM helps with staff augmentation when ramping up for special projects or simply outsourcing IT to control costs.

The Right Timing

After over 30 years of experience, our intellectual database has over 60,000 candidates. We have the knowledge, resources and agility to quickly identify the right candidate.

Looking for an expert in a particular field?

Our resource database includes experts across all of IT — from data services, to desktop services, to infrastructure services, to mobile services and application development / maintenance. We also support the challenges of emerging technologies, such as cloud computing and big data/storage solutions. 

Looking for someone with specific industry experience?

We have contacts with experience in a broad range of industries: oil and gas, healthcare, telecommunication, energy trading, financial services, manufacturing, and more…

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"ECOM staff took the time to understand the type of candidate I need on each and every opening, not only from a technical standpoint but from a social standpoint as well. They have gone above and beyond what other firms have done in the past to get to know our environment. I will be using them for a long time to come."

– IT Development Manager

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